At least five people have been killed when a Japan Airlines plane carrying hundreds of passengers collided with another plane and burst into flames at Tokyo’s Haneda airport. #CNN #News

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In a shocking turn of events, a Japan Airlines plane collided with a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft on the runway at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, resulting in a massive fire that engulfed both planes. The incident occurred just hours after Japan experienced a significant earthquake. The collision claimed the lives of five Coast Guard crew members, with the captain in critical condition. Despite the tragedy, nearly 400 passengers and crew on the Japan Airlines flight miraculously escaped, showcasing an extraordinary demonstration of evacuation procedures.

The Collision and Immediate Aftermath:

The collision unfolded as the Japan Airlines flight, arriving from Sapporo with 367 passengers, including eight children under the age of two, touched down on the runway. Simultaneously, the Japanese Coast Guard aircraft, carrying six crew members on a relief mission to earthquake-affected areas in western Japan, was also on the same runway. The collision resulted in a violent impact, causing both planes to burst into flames within seconds.

Passenger Testimonies and Evacuation:

As the Japan Airlines plane became engulfed in flames, passengers described the terror of black smoke filling the cabin. Parents struggled to ensure the safety of their children, with reports of malfunctioning exit doors in the rear and middle sections of the aircraft. However, through the front exit doors, passengers successfully streamed out, capturing the harrowing moments on video and sharing them on social media. All 400 individuals on board managed to escape, though 17 were reported injured and hospitalized.

Emergency Response and Firefighting Efforts:

Emergency response teams swiftly reacted to the scene, but it took over an hour to gain control of the intense fire. Haneda Airport, a crucial hub, was immediately shut down, marking the beginning of a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading to the collision. The incident raises concerns about the safety protocols in place at one of Japan’s busiest airports, known for its centralized location and stunning views of the city.

Expert Analysis and Safety Implications:

CNN aviation correspondent Pete Montaigne provided insight into the incident, emphasizing the potential safety failure in a nation known for its meticulous transportation safety standards. The Airbus A350 involved in the collision, only two years old, suffered a total loss—the first for this aircraft model. Montaigne underscored the need for investigators to determine whether the confusion arose from air traffic control or the actions of the involved crews.

Global Aviation Implications:

The incident prompts global reflections on aviation safety, with comparisons drawn to past runway incursions in the United States. The potential miscommunication or confusion leading to such collisions necessitates a thorough investigation and a reevaluation of safety measures worldwide.


As Japan mourns the loss of five Coast Guard crew members, the successful evacuation of nearly 400 individuals amid a fiery disaster stands as a testament to the effectiveness of emergency procedures. The investigation into this tragic incident will undoubtedly yield insights crucial for enhancing aviation safety not only in Japan but also on a global scale.

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