Logan International Airport Boston (BOS) is an essential tool for passengers to keep track of incoming flights to the airport. It serves as a hub for several major airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and JetBlue Airways. The airport is located in East Boston and is situated about 3 miles from downtown Boston. It offers a wide range of amenities for travelers, including shopping, dining, and lounges for passengers to relax in before or after their flights. Additionally, Logan International Airport has been recognized for its sustainability efforts and commitment to environmental conservation.

Logan International Airport Boston (BOS) Arrivals Timetable – Today 18th April 2024 in United States (LIVE)

The LIVE timetable hosted by Airpedia’s real-time updated Arrivals for today, 18th April 2024, shows live information on all incoming flights at Logan International Airport Boston (BOS). This includes domestic, international, and charter services arriving at the airport on this date in the United States. Passengers and airport staff can easily access the most up-to-date information on flight arrivals, helping to ensure smooth and efficient travel plans for all those arriving at Logan International Airport.

  • Address: East Boston, MA 02128, United States
  • Code: BOS
  • Hub for: JetBlue, Delta Air Lines, Republic Airways, Envoy Air, MORE
  • Elevation: 6 m
  • Phone: +1 800-235-6426
  • Number of runways: 6
  • Passengers: 36,090,716
  • Aircraft operations: 378,613
  • Total cargo (lbs.): 645,688,980

East Boston, MA 02128, United States, is the location of the bustling Logan International Airport, also known by its airport code as BOS. This airport serves as a major hub for various airlines, including JetBlue, Delta Air Lines, Republic Airways, Envoy Air, and several others. Situated at an elevation of 6 meters, Logan International Airport offers convenient air travel for residents and visitors alike. The airport can be reached via phone at +1 800-235-6426. With six runways, this airport is well-equipped to handle a significant volume of air traffic. In terms of passenger volume, Logan International Airport served an impressive 36,090,716 travelers. Furthermore, the airport witnessed 378,613 aircraft operations, highlighting its significance as a key transportation hub. Additionally, Logan International Airport played a vital role in cargo transportation, with a total cargo weight of 645,688,980 pounds.

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