Kirksville Municipal Airport (IRK) shows the regular incoming flights to the airport, which primarily serves the city of Kirksville, Missouri and the surrounding area. The airport is located approximately 7 kilometers (4 miles) south of the city and offers convenient access for travelers in the region.

In addition to serving commercial flights, Kirksville Municipal Airport also accommodates general aviation and charter services. The airport features a single asphalt runway and offers a range of amenities for travelers, including parking, rental car services, and a passenger terminal. The airport plays a critical role in connecting the community to regional and national air travel options.

Kirksville Municipal Airport (IRK) Arrivals Timetable – Today 22nd April 2024 in United States (LIVE)

Kirksville Municipal Airport (IRK) offers a convenient for all incoming flights on 22nd April 2024. The LIVE timetable hosted by Airpedia provides real-time updated information on domestic, international, and charter services arriving at the airport. Travelers and airport staff can easily access the latest information on arrivals at Kirksville Municipal Airport, ensuring a smooth and efficient travel experience. Whether awaiting the arrival of a loved one or coordinating transportation, the for 22nd April 2024 provides valuable real-time information for all airport visitors in the United States.


Kirksville Municipal Airport Details & Contacts Information

  • Address: 27161 David Hall Trail, Kirksville, MO 63501, United States
  • Code: IRK
  • Phone: +1 660-665-5020
  • Elevation: 294 m
  • Owner: City of Kirksville
  • Serves: Kirksville

The address of 27161 David Hall Trail, Kirksville, MO 63501, United States, belongs to a facility that serves the city of Kirksville. Located at an elevation of 294 meters, this establishment is owned by the City of Kirksville. With a phone number of +1 660-665-5020, it provides a convenient means of communication for the residents of Kirksville. Whether it is for general inquiries or specific concerns, the City of Kirksville ensures that the needs of the community are met through this facility.

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