Kingman Airport (IGM) provides the schedule for incoming flights to the airport. The airport primarily serves general aviation and corporate air traffic, as well as some air ambulance and military flights. It is located in the city of Kingman, Arizona, and is approximately 5 miles northeast of the city center. The airport is equipped with two runways and offers a range of aviation services including fueling, aircraft maintenance, and hangar rentals.

In addition to general aviation traffic, Kingman Airport (IGM) also includes flights from regional airlines and charter services. The airport is an important hub for air travel in northern Arizona, providing convenient access to businesses, attractions, and recreational activities in the region. The showcases the diverse range of flights that come into Kingman Airport, catering to both local residents and visitors to the area.

Kingman Airport (IGM)Arrivals Timetable – Today 15th April 2024 in United States (LIVE)

Passengers and airport staff can use this real-time updated to stay informed about the status of incoming flights, expected arrival times, and any potential delays. Whether it’s a scheduled domestic flight, an international arrival, or a charter service, the Kingman Airport (IGM) provides essential information for anyone needing to track the arrival of flights on 15th April 2024 . This reliable and up-to-date resource ensures that passengers and airport personnel can plan and prepare for arrivals with confidence and ease.


Kingman Airport Details & Contacts Information

  • Address: 7000 Flightline Dr, Kingman, AZ 86401, United States
  • Code: IGM
  • Elevation: 1,051 m
  • Phone: +1 928-757-2134
  • Serves: Kingman
  • WMO Code: 72370

The address of 7000 Flightline Dr, Kingman, AZ 86401, United States, is the location of an airport that serves the city of Kingman. With an elevation of 1,051 meters, this airport offers a breathtaking view from the ground and a unique experience for pilots during takeoff and landing. The airport can be contacted at +1 928-757-2134 for any inquiries or assistance. The WMO code for this airport is 72370, which helps in identifying it for meteorological and weather reporting purposes. Overall, this airport plays an important role in connecting Kingman to various destinations, providing convenient air travel options for its residents and visitors.

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