Anderson Regional Airport, located in Anderson County, South Carolina, is a bustling public airport that serves as a major transportation hub in upstate South Carolina. With over 14,000 visitors annually and generating a substantial $13 million each year, it plays a crucial role in connecting passengers to both domestic and international destinations. Situated just 6 miles from the city center, Airport offers modern facilities and excellent services. It serves as the primary source of information for passengers and visitors traveling to Anderson and the surrounding area, providing essential updates on flight schedules, ensuring a seamless and efficient travel experience for all.

Anderson Airport (AND) Arrivals Timetable – Today 22nd April 2024 in United States (LIVE)

Welcome to Airpedia’s Anderson Airport (AND) Arrivals Timetable – Today 22nd April 2024 in the United States. Stay updated with the latest live updates on arrivals at Airport. Whether you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a loved one or simply interested in tracking flights, The Arrivals Timetable provides real-time information on all incoming flights. With our user-friendly interface and accurate data, you can rely on Airpedia to keep you informed about any delays, cancellations, or changes in arrival times. Trust Airpedia to make your travel experience seamless and hassle-free.


The Arrivals timetable at the (AND) is a highly reliable and up-to-date source of information for passengers and aviation enthusiasts. It is regularly updated, ensuring that all domestic, international, and charter flights are accurately displayed in real-time. Whether you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a loved one or need to stay informed about your own flight, this timetable provides essential details such as estimated arrival times, gate numbers, and baggage claim areas. With this valuable resource, passengers can plan their journeys more efficiently and stay well-informed about any changes or delays that may occur.

The Importance of Anderson Airport

  • Airport plays a crucial role in providing convenient air travel options for the residents of Anderson and the surrounding areas. While larger airports may offer more destinations and airlines, Airport offers a more personalized and hassle-free experience. With shorter security lines and easier parking, travelers can save time and stress by choosing to fly from Airport.
  • Additionally, Anderson Airport serves as a gateway for business travelers and tourists visiting the region. By offering direct flights to major hubs, such as Atlanta and Charlotte, Airport provides a convenient connection to the rest of the world. This accessibility is essential for attracting businesses and promoting tourism in the area.

Impact on the Local Economy

The arrivals at Airport have a significant impact on the local economy. By attracting business travelers and tourists, the airport helps stimulate economic growth in the region. Business travelers often spend money on accommodations, dining, and transportation, contributing to the local hospitality and service industries.

Furthermore, the airport creates job opportunities for the local community. From airport staff and security personnel to airline employees and ground crew, Anderson Airport supports a range of employment opportunities. These jobs not only provide income for individuals and families but also contribute to the overall economic stability of the area.

The (AND) Airport Arrivals Timetable includes the following information for each flight:

  • Time and date of arrival
  • IATA code for identification of the airport
  • Origin of the flight
  • Flight number and airline name
  • Status column indicating real-time information
  • Facilitation of a seamless arrival experience

The (AND) Airport Arrivals Timetable provides essential information for each flight, ensuring a smooth and organized arrival process. It includes the time and date of arrival, allowing passengers and airport personnel to plan their schedules accordingly. The IATA code assists in identifying the airport, ensuring accurate and efficient communication. The origin of the flight is also specified, allowing individuals to track the journey from various locations around the world. Additionally, the flight number and airline name provide specific details about the carrier, enabling passengers to easily locate their respective flights. Lastly, the status column indicates the real-time status of each flight, whether it is on time, delayed, or canceled, keeping passengers well-informed and prepared for any changes. Overall, this comprehensive timetable facilitates a seamless arrival experience at the airport.

Details & Contact Information

  • Address: 5805 Airport Rd, Anderson, SC 29626, United States
  • Phone: +1 864-260-4163
  • Code: AND, KAND
  • Elevation: 238 m
  • Coordinates: 34°29′41″N 082°42′34″W / 34.49472°N 82.70944°W

The given address is 5805 Airport Rd, Anderson, SC 29626, United States. The contact number for this location is +1 864-260-4163. The area is identified with the codes AND and KAND. Situated at an elevation of 238 meters, the coordinates of this place are 34°29′41″N 082°42′34″W / 34.49472°N 82.70944°W.

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